Laundry Experience Event 13 & 14 september 14-03-2019

The Laundry Experience Event 2019 will be held at Laundry Clova, located at the Industriepark Kapelleveld, St. Jansveld 1, 2160 Wommelgem, Belgium.

The event offers an enormously extensive program with something for everyone. Besides watching demonstrations you can attend workshops, but there will also be visual presentations and various pitches from companies. The Friday is focused on textile service and business customers, the Saturday on retail textile cleaning including care for the elderly.

Themes that will be discussed on Friday include health care, robotics and big data, sustainable employability and modernization of employment conditions, workwear and corporate wear, innovation in texile and recycling and best practices and how this leads to profitable, sustainable business models.

During the Saturday, Laundry on-demand will be discussed and how the market will be expanded and sales will be stimulated, as will best practices and profitable, sustainable business models.

But on this day also a special fact is mentioned, namely the 100th anniversary of NETEX. Showcases and practical examples of successful new business models will be presented. The central theme of the 100th anniversary of NETEX wil be: